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Here is what the critics have to say:

Animals Agenda November/December 1998 pg. 39

"Riveting from start to finish, this inaugural issue is jam-packed with footage from the front lines of various protests and direct actions occurring around the country from 1996 through early 1998.......The gripping video also offers some humor, as shown by a segment depicting an Animal Liberation Front activist going about his daily routine wearing a ski mask........The video's quality is especially good given that the footage was shot and submitted by activists themselves. A fast-paced, original soundtrack adds to the intensity of a truly inspiring documentary of our times."


No Compromise Issue #9 pg. 30

"Breaking Free video magazine will knock you on your ass! This is definitely the video to get your hands on! Produced by the Eugene Animal Defense League, Breaking Free is a fast paced, action packed documentary on liberation movements - including Earth First! and animal rights actions from all across the country. See eyewitness footage from all of the recent protests you've heard so much about....

....Breaking Free also gives us an idea of just what lengths police will go to in an attempt to subdue activists and protect corporate interests. Macings, beatings and submission holds - Breaking Free has it all. As the cops dish it out, activists continue to show their resolve by constantly hitting animal and Earth abusing industries where it hurts. Breaking Free Video Magazine not only inspires new activists, but encourages older activists to keep fighting by showing us that we're not in this alone!"