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Yerkes Lab Day Riot-
Breaking Free takes you back to the most militant World Week for Animals in Laboratories ever! From the Davis Regional Primate Center arrests, to the riot in Georgia, every moment is included. From the tear gas grenades and billy clubs, to the civil disobedience and smashed up cop car, we take you there!

Police Brutality In Headwaters-
Northern California activists have endured some of the worst police brutality in the country. See the police evidence footage that shocked the world! Also, the June 1st tree slaughter in Eugene, OR, and various other acts of violence against political activists.

A.L.F. Ad Campaign-
A humorous look at a day in the life of an animal liberationist.

Direct Action Updates-
Direct action has been used time and time again to further the goals of justice and freedom. Breaking Free documents some of the best actions in the country, with footage from Animal Rights Direct Action Coalition, Earth First, Cascadia Forest Defenders, Animal Liberation of Texas, Vegan Militant Movement, Animal Defense League, New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance, and many more.

Halting Hegins-
Every year three to five thousand pigeons die at the Hegins Pennsylvania public pigeon shoot. See the act of courage against this tragedy that brought about the highest bail ever set for an act of nonviolent civil disobedience.