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Issue 2
Direct action coverage continues in Breaking Free #2 with articles on:

England Actions
For years activists in the US have been inspired by their English counterparts. Watch and cheer as masked militants fight alongside grandmothers for animal liberation!

East Coast Anti-Fur Actions
The East Coast Animal Defense League chapters have been trying to stop Macy's East from selling fur in their department stores. See the footage of these brave activists using civil disobedience to take a bite out of the fur trade.

Berkeley Lab Day Banner Hang
World Week for Animals in Laboratories 1998 reached new heights in Berkeley, CA. View the amazing video of one protester dangling hundreds of feet alongside a UC Berkeley clock tower for 8 days.

The Animal Liberation Front exists to bring animals to freedom and abusers to justice. Breaking Free #2 contains footage from ALF actions worldwide, including raids on mink farms, factory farms, and labs.

ALF Ad Campaign Continues
A humorous look into the training and exercise routine of an ALF activist.

First US Daylight Raid In Philomath, OR
Activists free 19 rabbits in broad daylight during this regional protest against a facility breeding animals for vivisection.

Much More!
Buildings are blockaded, offices are stormed, and animals are freed in this exciting 30 minute video.